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Keeping the bathroom clean is not an easy task, and it requires a lot of time and effort. Hair-clogged drains, moisture-loving mildew, dirty shower doors, and, ahem, the toilet all make for an unpleasant chore.
lets know know how to make bathroom cleaning less of a burden. Here are 7 super effective tricks to help you enjoy a great-smelling and germ-free shower room in no time at all.

Streak-free mirrors

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If you are not a fan of expensive commercial window cleaners that leave those pesky streaks on your mirrors, you can make your own toxic-free cleaner at home. Simply make up a solution of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, spray it on the mirror, and wipe it with a sponge to get any spots off.
You can also use shaving cream. Not only will it make your glass surfaces shine, but it will also prevent your bathroom mirror from steaming up after your next hot shower.

A sparkling bathtub

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One way to get rid of germs and make your bathtub look brand new again is by using a mixture of 1/2 cup of vinegar, 1 cup of rubbing alcohol, and 1/4 cup of water. Add all the ingredients to 4 quarts of warm water. Spread the mixture evenly over the dirty areas, let it sit for 15 minutes, and then rinse well. You will be amazed at how clean your shower will be.

A clean toilet

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A standard mouth rinse can make a perfect toilet cleaner. Dissolve your oral rinse or toothpaste in water, apply this mixture onto the dirty surface, wait for 30 minutes, then scrub well with the toilet brush and rinse.

Spotless tiles

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A cotton ball soaked in oxygen bleach will help you keep your tiles extra shiny and free from water spots. You can also use mouth rinse or toothpaste for this job.

Getting rid of rust

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Getting rid of rust is easier than it may seem. Simply pour salt over the rusted area, rub it in, and squeeze some lemon juice on top. The lemon juice reacts with the rust to dissolve it from the surface, and the salt absorbs the rust stains. Leave the solution overnight, and wash it off in the morning.

A dust-free ceiling

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For a clean and dust-free ceiling, use a mixture of 1 part vinegar to 1 part warm water. Dip a mop in the prepared solution, and begin cleaning your ceiling. Please bear in mind that you should wear safety glasses when doing this kind of work.

Clean shower curtains

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In a spray bottle, mix together 16 fl oz (500 ml) of all-purpose bleach and 2 tablespoons of dishwashing liquid. Spray this solution over the entire surface of your shower curtain, let it sit for several minutes, then rinse. Your curtain will look like new again.
None of us should ever succumb to panic — real life is definitely still out there despite the huge role that the Internet plays in modern life. Gadgets and technology play a part in our lives, but it really is just a part.

Nevertheless, it’s funny to think about the hundreds of little ways these things have changed our behavior. Here are 10 Illustrations That Show Just How Much the Internet Has Changed Our Lives . How many do you recognize?


Most of us dream about hanging out in bed, all day, every day, and getting paid for it!

Well, it turns out NASA are making our dreams a reality. A few lucky candidates are getting paid an obscene amount of money just to chill in bed all day.

 NASA is currently on the lookout for people to participate in their “Bed Rest Studies”, in which participants will have to stay in bed for 60 days straight.

It does sound like the dream job, right? But how long do you think you could last without going insane.
I would definitely treat the 60 days like a job, and whenever I felt like I’d had enough, I’d just think of all the things I could buy with the money.

You wouldn’t just be sleeping you can keep yourself occupied with books, TV, video games, and they can also use their phones as they please! As long as they remain laying down.

You’re probably thinking what on earth is the point in this experiment.

NASA want to study how the body reacts to extended periods of rest for astronauts who are going on extended periods of space travel.

NASA says the experiments is designed to achieve three things:

1. Understanding how one’s changing physiology in space may affect the process of certain missions.

2. Understanding the impact of one’s physiological state on their ability to perform in particular tasks.

3. Preparing countermeasures to combat any impairment that these physiological conditions may impose.

The experiment will consist of two categories.
Exercising and Non-exercising.
The exercising group, are able to exercise using special tools that help them stay active while still lying down. While non-exercising groups must stay completely at rest the entire time.

During the entirety of the study, bone, muscle and heart tests,  will  be done. As well as tests of the circulatory and nervous systems, nutritional condition, and the body’s capacity to fight off infections are conducted.

So what do you think ? Could you do it participate in the experiment ? Do you think you could handle it?

At first glance, you might be thinking “bomb shelter”… but it’s really more like the bomb. I’m not exactly sure how this would affect resale value, but ya know what — I don’t care. It’s the slickest upgrade I’ve seen in a home in a long while. And I’m jealous!





Michael Jackson is a symbol of an entire epoch in the history of music. He made an incredible contribution to the development of music, dance, and fashion. But, like many highly talented people, he had his own peculiarities, and this had a dramatic effect on his appearance.






What he might have looked like in 2009.

There’s a special magic to be found in transforming old things. A little bit of inspiration, and an old boring shirt turns into a stylish pillowcase, a fashionable accessory, or a nice dress for a little girl.

Baby bibs


Beach bag

Light summer dress


Cute dress for a little girl

Not many people know about this, but the whitish area around your nail is actually a highly sensitive and important part of its structure. Some argue that the size of the lunula — the semicircular patch at the base of each nail — can indicate whether or not a person is suffering from various diseases affecting the internal organs.

1. The absence of the lunula from the thumbs can indicate the presence of psychological illnesses.
2. The absence of the lunula or a very small one on the index finger can indicate that a person has problems with their intestine, liver, or pancreas, as well as problems with the reproductive system in the case of women.
3. The disappearance of the lunula from the middle finger can indicate problems with arterial pressure.
4. The lack of a lunula on the third finger can be a sign that a person has problems with their endocrine system.
5. The disappearance of the lunula from the fourth finger might be a sign that a person’s intestines are blocked up.
Many people have often wondered why numbers look the way they do. Perhaps you thought about it yourself when you got bored sitting there in math class. So to help you finally discover the answer, we prepared this for you. As they say, you learn something new everyday!